Jean’s mission is to empower those who are seeking help to decide which form of interventions will best achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Jean Knobloch is a Certified, RainDrop Harmonics Specialist, CRHS & LSHC.  RainDrop Harmonics may help to manage stress, manage pain, enhance the quality of my life, detoxify my body from the toxic pollutants I unintentionally eat, drink absorb or inhale and help me attain optimal level of peak performance.

The following service(s) may be used during a session to allow a client to reduce stress, manage my pain, improve the quality of life or detoxify my body. I educate, mentor, coach my clients to self-healing so they are empowered to make their own decisions about their own health, nutrition and wellness.

Detoxification, Energy Medicine, Pain Management, Sound Therapy, Stress Reduction, Vibration Medicine, Crystal Therapy, Light Therapy, Neuro-Endocrine Centers, Essential Oil Anointing*(Young Living Essential Oils only)


Vibrational RainDrop Technique – Sound & Intervals; VitaFlex – Reflex Body Systems; Vibrational Neuro-Endocrine Centers –  Sacred Geometry, Gemstones & Crystals, Chakras;

Vibrational Auricular Technique;  Chromatic RainDrop Technique – History of Color & Healing, The Nature of Light, Color Equipment; *Essential Oil anointing;*(*Young Living Essential Oils only) 

Clients are encouraged to see their family doctor and inform him/her of any natural supplements being taken and follow his/her advise. The information provided is intended for educational purposes to offer alternative choices to those seeking chemical free health. Jean offers personal services to you and your family with a holistic approach focusing on the spiritual, mental/emotional and physical aspects of health.  She encourages an open dialogue to help you develop a true understanding of health and set goals for obtaining greater wellness, increased mobility, pain reduction and/or improved performance.  Her office provides individual privacy and a confidential place to discuss health objectives.  Taking the time necessary to understand your health concerns allows you to better determine the best modiality for optimal health.

Health care is what people do for themselves and their family independent of medical professionals, clinical institutions, pharmaceutical corporations, insurance companies and government agencies. Through research and education into the science and art of applying essential oils, accompanied by other holistic modalities Jean employs her clients, friends and family members with guidance toward a healthier lifestyle.

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