Experiences from Raindrop documented from the book.

Here are some other experiences documented in the book:

The most perceived benefits were removed back pain, stopped flu or cold, euphoria, felt energized, relieved anxiety or stress and general reduction of pain.

Scoliosis: “After four treatments done within one month I was out of pain and two inches taller. My curve is now back down to 42 degrees.” She reported having a 55 degree curve in her back and she was in constant pain.

Scoliosis and Back Pain: My scoliosis in the lumbar region of my back was greatly improved (straightened). My visits to the chiropractor are significantly reduced with Raindrop Techniques.

Fibromyalgia: “I have been in pain from fibromyalgia for fifteen plus years taking drugs every few hours. When I get Raindrop I feel so relaxed and calm. The pain in my neck and shoulders and joints has subsided greatly”. She reported being completely off the drugs and uses acupuncture and Raindrop to manage her condition.

Detox and Viral Infection – “I had a viral infection when receiving my first Raindrop. The fever, headache and earache were all gone in one day and the infection completely disappeared in two days”.

Thyroid Cancer – “I had thyroid cancer and in seven months with colon cleansing, Chinese wolfberry and Raindrop the doctor couldn’t find it any longer!” Nan’s note: Chinese Wolfberry is contained in Ninxgia Red, ImmuPro and more colon cleansing products.

Emotional Well being and Release – “I had an awful lot of stress in my life at the time and the technique relaxed me physically and emotionally. It gave me such a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. I would love to do it again and definitely recommend it to anyone.”

And many, many more!

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