“Rainbow of Intervals”

A tad of history on color and a way we use color in our life.

Issac Newton (1642-1727) named the colors in a rainbow in 1671 with the Latin work for appearance: Spectrum

Johann Wolfgang Goethe  (1749-1832) was the first person to systematically study the physiological of color and published in 1820 “Theory of Color”

Creating a colorful plate of food, using fruits and vegetables a delicious way to present food to your favorite family or friends for the Holidays, it eye pleasing and has a therapeutic value.   How color is important in our lives. Uses of color and light were associated with the elements of nature which needed to be in proper balance. As a Certified RainDrop Harmonics Specialist (CRT) one way I can educate and coach you to manage stress, manage pain, detoxify your body, I use Chromatic Raindrop Technique. By using a”Rainbow of Intervals” with color/lights creating Chromatic RainDrop Technique.

Many spiritual traditions identify Light with the Creation process.

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